Best Instagram Growth Services for 2020

Instagram is the most popular social media platform of 2020, and everyone wants to have lots of followers. To answer this need, there are Instagram growth services: tools and services that help grow your Instagram following for you. 

Not all Instagram growth services work the same (or as well) as others, so we’ve found the best options available. Check out the best Instagram growth services to start growing your account today. 

Top Instagram Growth Services for Organic Followers in 2020:

  1. Social Buddy
  2. Kicksta
  3. FanBump
  4. Jarvee
  5. Hashtags for Likes

Social Buddy

Social Buddy one of the best Instagram follower services available for those who seek more followers and audience on IG. This is a service that acquires organic followers for hundreds of clients daily. They offer a non-committal monthly subscription service that can be cancelled at any time. The setup is very simple, and they offer email support to cater to their client’s specific growth goals, as well as any questions they may have.

 Something that makes this service unique is their ability to target high-engagement users on Instagram, so that the most active users on Instagram are viewing your page. You can also target users based on gender, location, competition, and hashtags.

Social Buddy is transparent in its methods, and will take care of your brand’s Instagram so that you don’t have to. It’s easy to use, and will bring you real Instagram followers, which is why we put it first in this list.

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Kicksta claims not to use fake followers or bots, making it a good option for anyone looking to get more Instagram followers. This popular Instagram growth tool also claims it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find new followers and grow customers’ Instagram accounts.

Kicksta uses auto engagement with the traditional follow and unfollow method to get users interested in your account. They target similar accounts to your own so that the users are interested in your content and are more likely to follow. After engaging with similar accounts, the idea is that they will follow you to further interact. 

We have a few tests and reports of mixed reviews for the service. Some having good results, others have no results or being blocked by IG. The overall feeling is Kicksta is worth a try though.


FanBump is a popular Instagram Follower Tool as well. They claim they never had an account removed from Instagram due to their services.

FanBump is an agency that will manage your social media platform, so not everything is automated. This is good because they’re adjusting the software for you to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. In addition, the human aspect of it ensures good customer service.

Their rates start at $99 a month for their “professional” plan, and go up to $750 a month for multi-account, goal oriented marketing services. If upgrading price ranges for these features is important to you, FanBump could be your Instagram follower service.


Jarvee is self service Instagram follower software. Their platform allows you to manage multiple accounts, but there is a steep learning curve. You have to figure out how to use a complicated program and download it on to your desjtop or laptop to run 24/7.

Their strengths rely on being able to reply to all of the accounts managed through Jarvee in one place. It will keep all of your inbound messages, comments, and more, all organized for ease of use. 

Jarvee’s weakness seems to be the heavy lifting you need to do in order to learn their software and DIY. For some this is big, for others it may be as important. Consider this service if managing many social media accounts for a low price range is your #1 priority.

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes is a simplistic Instagram growth tool that specializes in hashtags. The most significant difference between them and their competition is that their software isn’t automated. 

Their system revolves around finding hashtags that will lead you to your target audience. They will look at your followers interests, and the subject of your account, and give you hashtags based on what will help your page grow. This is different from the other services because they won’t provide the same automated bot services such as liking and following pages. 

That being said, their price reflects their lack of features at $38 monthly. This will get you unlimited hashtags, analytics tools, performance reports, and 24/7 customer support. The main benefits of this service are the price, and the lack of risk involved. Using no bots means there’s 0 risk whatsoever to get suspended or banned from Instagram. If you don’t mind manually operating your Instagram, this can be a great service for growing followers organically.

What is Organic Instagram Growth?

Increasing your social media presence means increasing your follower count, right? Simply put yes, but there’s more to it than that. When building your page, your follower count is important, but not if your followers aren’t engaging with you. If your followers think your content is obstructing their feed, they won’t lead into any click conversions, or might even unfollow you entirely. This is why it’s important to gain followers organically.

Organic followers are real people who follow your page by choice. Obviously this seems like the best solution, but some follower services like to take short cuts (fake followers, robot accounts, etc.). For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the most reliable Instagram follower services, so that you know your business is in good hands. 

Before we get into that, let’s talk more about organic followers, and how all of this works.

Benefits of Using Instagram Follower Services

  • Boost Engagement
  • Increase Credibility
  • Saves Time

How to Gain Organic Followers on Instagram

Instagram growth services can do a lot to help your brand gain traction, but before going there let’s take a look into some ways to gain organic followers on your own.


It sounds simple, but liking pages that share interest with your brand can go a long way. For example, if you’re promoting an Instagram page that shows off your art, liking another art page’s picture could get them to notice you and hopefully follow back. Similarly, you can like other art pages’ followers’ pictures. We know they’re interested in art, so if your page can find a way to catch their eye and they like what they see, then you’ve found a new follower.

Liking pages to gain followers is a non-intrusive way to carry out your business, which has pros and cons. The good thing is that it’s risk free, meaning Instagram won’t get mad at you for liking other pages (as long as you’re not going overboard and liking 100 pages every 30 seconds). In addition, you know all of your new followers are organic. The con is that the chances of other accounts seeing your likes, clicking on your page, liking your content, and hitting the follow button aren’t as high as other methods.


The next method is very similar to the previous one. By following similar accounts, you will also get their attention. That being said, people are more likely to notice a follow than a like, especially if they’re a highly active Instagram user (which is what you’re aiming for).

Some say to avoid private accounts because they won’t let you follow them, but we would say not to let that discourage you. They may not let you follow them, but if they do they’re more likely to follow back since they have to manually confirm your follow request.

After following a certain amount of accounts, some users will unfollow a lot of them in order to improve their following/follower ratio. You will lose some of your gained followers doing this if they notice, but to accounts who value their follower ratio it may be worth it. 

Now that you know a little bit about how organic followers work, you can see how gaining them quickly becomes a lot of tedious work. This is where Instagram growth services come in, so that you don’t have to worry about mindlessly clicking on Instagram pages for hours a day.

Instagram Growth Services: What to Look For

Using the right instagram follower service can help your follower count stay on a consistent upward trend. With these kinds of follower services you might not see an instant improvement, but if you pick the right one and stay patient, then you’re sure to see lasting results. That leaves us with one question, how do we know what makes a reliable service?

Audience Targeting Growth Tools

One thing to look for in an Instagram growth service is their audience targeting methods. A good growth tool will allow you to target your audience in multiple ways. A few ways to do this are by finding followers of similar accounts, finding hashtags that share interests, and by targeting followers based on their location. Targeting ensures that you find followers who are going to engage with your content. 

Audience Filtering Growth Tools

That being said, there are some accounts you’re going to want to avoid targeting when searching for potential followers. A good follower service will be able to weed these out as efficiently as they can find new potential followers. 

Most services will automatically like posts from your account, and if their filtering isn’t good enough you could end up liking an inappropriate post, which can damage your brand image and credibility.

Aside from keeping an eye on your brand’s image, audience filtering is important for efficiency. As stated before, too many actions in too short of time on an Instagram account can get you into trouble, so avoiding certain accounts will save you time and money. You’ll want an Instagram growth tool that has the potential to avoid these accounts.

For example, inactive accounts are one type of account to avoid. If your growth service is trying to acquire a user who hasn’t posted in years, it might be time to switch. Some find it useful to avoid private accounts, since it makes it harder to like their posts. Obviously bot accounts should be avoided as well, since they aren’t actually organic followers at that point. Finally, depending on your business, you may want to avoid accounts that don’t utilize English (or your business’s preferred languages).

Instagram Growth Services: What to Avoid

Gaining Instagram followers is becoming competitive, and people are trying new tactics every day. That being said, not all follower services use sound methods. Using the wrong Instagram growth service can lead to having your account removed from Instagram. 

Alternatively, your account could also be shadowbanned. This means that Instagram is deleting your content from everyone’s feed while your account is still active. They do this in hopes of the account not noticing, so that they don’t try to make another account. Even if you do make another account, you have to start over from the beginning, so avoid sketchy instagram growth services!

There are many growth tools and services that don’t use these mischievous tactics and will help your brand grow organically. Avoid the following when selecting your Instagram growth service.

Unnaturally High Follower Count

An Instagram follower service with a high follower count will seem more attractive to the average user, since you can tell that the service will gain followers. That being said, don’t trust the service purely based on that. As we discussed previously, a high follower count will dwindle rapidly if those followers weren’t gained organically. In addition, low engagement rates won’t help your page grow. A page with 100,000 inactive/bot accounts following it might provide the same thing for you.

Follower Bots

Be careful when an Instagram growth service offers you a specific number of followers. Results are tempting, but there’s no way to truly guarantee exactly how many organic followers a service can get you. If they offer 5,000 followers, it’s likely that those followers are fake accounts. At first glance this can seem harmless, as long as your follower count is going up right? 

The reason you should avoid these services is because people notice how followers are engaging with your brand. It’s not good enough to get a bunch of fake likes and comments. If they aren’t driving a conversation or sharing with their friends, there’s little point in having those followers at all. In fact, people might even check your followers and comments once they view your page. If they do this and something seems fishy, you just lost credibility in your brand.

Ghost Followers

Almost as bad as fake followers, ghost followers will follow your page but not interact at all. This happens when there’s an obligation or a benefit for following your account unrelated to your service. While someone who unwillingly follows a branded page might eventually gain interest, a high percentage of followers that are gained this way will never engage with your account. 

The lesson we learn from this is that the best Instagram growth services are the ones that give users the choice to follow your page. 100,000 ghost followers may seem more attractive than 15,000 organic, but in the long term your brand will see sustainable growth if you stay patient. Not to mention the possibility of your account getting shut down if you’re paying for robotic followers.

Final Thoughts

Choose from our top picks for the best Instagram growth services in 2020. Use these growth tools to grow your followers and influence online.